Ohhh Globe & Mail fail to think again.

I am not sure who from the Halifax office of the Extreme Group found this and posted it on the whiteboard in hallway but they were not the only person to notice this horrible ad placement. If you haven't seen it, the ad is asking if people are tired of waiting in line. And of course, showcasing how an American Express Card can make it so you never need to wait in lines again. The content surrounding the ad is images of Haitian's waiting in line for food, water and medical attention. (check out these other photos if you want a closer shot.)

American Express is an unfortunate and unintentional victim of this mess-up BUT once again it highlights the importance of content creators who sell media space to wake-up and start ensuring they are providing advertisers with a effective environment to advertise.

My guess is that this placement would have cost $20 - $30,000 plus ad production. If you are a media buyer and know, please comment as I am interested in how much money the Globe & Mail is making to ignore what they are doing with their advertisers brands.