An Exciting Stock Exchange?

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Found this neat spot on AdGabber, which was also featured on AdRants today. It reminded me of the Coca-cola Happiness spot because of the animation, however the narrator made it feel a bit different - almost a warm feeling for something that is traditionally cold and boring; the stock market.

That being said, this is an interesting approach for a dry category. People who don't use the stock market aren't interested, but they might like a neat ad that helps to educate them on how the market functions. It might not drive them to invest tomorrow, yet if they ever considered it, the NYSE would probably be the first place they'd look.


Rudy said...

Neat ad indeed. Maybe the intended target are regular people with 401k portfolios?

Ty said...

Totally - target is most likely someone who already has capital to invest but aren't totally sure about where. If anything, a spot like this helps to raise awareness around the NYSE but also the companies it represents - like Disney, HP, etc.