5 Year Agency Outlook

Just scanned through a recent article from Tom Martin about how agencies will change in the future. I think if you work for a brand or in an agency, you're in the midst of a huge shift. Traditional agency models are changing (not only due to digital and new technologies) and clients are demanding more from their communications partners.

Martin describes what he thinks the two future types of agencies will be:

- The C Agency (creative) - in charge of strategic planning on all fronts, including ubersuits (his term) that are in charge of all facets of a campaign - strategic dev, planning, consumer research, idea development and execution.

- The P Agency (production) - a group who acts almost like a production house; fighting on margins, ensuring all tactical elements of a campaign are created and executed on time and (most importantly) much more of a supplier to the client rather than a partner.

I think that the C vs. P model is interesting. Especially because I believe that at the end of the day, execution is not a tough thing to do. It's the strategy that gets you to a campaign that's the tough thing to crack.

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