The Links

A ton of interesting links from the last week. Check them out.

- Seth Godin gives a great outlook on why advertising can't fix Microsoft's problem (if it even has one)
- Zuckerberg tells Facebook fans about the new Facebook design (and over 7 million protest it)
- Oasis goes to NYC and teaches street performers how to play their new song
- Nintendo employees are richer than Googles and Goldman Sacks ones
- Ellen DeGeneres is the new Cover Girl model? Seriously?
- Social networks hurting the online porn industry?
- Here comes Google Andriod - exciting news for September 23rd
- Twitter is growing fast - up 422% in the last 12 months
- Should moviegoers pay for better seats? Um..yes.
- Google Stephen Harper, Get Jack Layton.
- Looking for a new job? Here are some places to start your search (and interview better)

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