Fido Goes Vertical

Check out this cool video from Fido (a Canadian telecommunications company). Fido has a series of arts and culture events in Toronto and to help promote them, they created bubble logos that were launched into the sky.

I'm not sure how many people saw (or would know what these were...it's not the standard "dog" imagery that Fido uses) but it's a pretty innovative idea.


Alister said...

Those bubble shapes are freakin cool, but there is no connection/attribution back to the Fido brand. Cool tactic, but not relevant for how they used it.

Rebecca said...

Definitely very cool - looks like an extension of what I came across about a month ago, Fido had giant bubble dolls with a text CTA. The text would send invitations to "Fido Sessions" that promote art, travel and design.

Totally agree with Alister. Very cool, but definitely lacks relevance back to the Fido brand.

You can check out the giant dolls and more info here: