Bye, Bye Jerry!

Well, that didn't take long. Three spots and we're done!

In the last week, PJC and I have posted about the new Microsoft campaign and our thoughts on it. Turns out that today, a rep from MS confirmed that there aren't going to be any more Jerry spots and that it was all in the plan to "phase him out" after the campaign launched.

$10 million for three spots? I guess when Alex Bogusky said that the next thing from Microsoft was going to be "big" he meant the budget.

"First chink in the [CP+B] armor, Ted!"

UPDATE: Maybe I spoke too soon. It seems like the folks at Techcrunch have some inside info that this was all planned and that the second phase of the campaign is coming. It's going to feature other stars as well - I wonder if any of them will last longer than a few spots.

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