When will you stop wasting money? Don't forget digital.

In support of Ty's last post I share with you my comment on Idea Drunk, in response to a great post in Wisers latest effort to make the horrible liquor known as whiskey aspirational.

My comment:

...So many marketers do not understand the value of holistic engagement. Engage me with a quality mass campaign, create curiosity, drive behaviour then CAPITALIZE on my attention. Give me something to engage with, make me want to provide you with behaviourial data, allow me to begin a whole new relationship with your brand based on entertainment, the power of discovery, the thrill of satisfied curiosity or simply something new.

When will they wise up?

End comment.

Okay, so I am guessing that you are reading this blog because you work in marketing or advertising. Now answer me this. Why do you allow, support, approve or pitch ideas that are half thought out? Human nature acts mostly because of rational thought, but dreams, splurges, and human nature wants to live in the world created by irrational thought.

Use mass media to communicate an emotional, strategically sound campaign that positions you as unique within the category then drive the compelled consumer online. In this 1 to 1 space you can interact and truly engage. Create an experience unique to the emotional state, to the point in the purchase path they are at, to the curiosities that drove them to visit your URL and provide them with exactly what they need to spread the word, deepen the brand relationship and create ROI.

Am I we all not want to do this. Why can't it happen next month or next quarter? What are your thoughts?

Invest in a truly integrated campaign or continue to throw mass media dollars into the outhouse.

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