Zuji Helps You Save...

I love when advertising goes beyond basic messages. The new travel site, Zuji, gives people ways to travel cheaply and take (much needed) holiday's. Rather than create an easily ignored campaign that focus on them being "the greatest resource in travel" or "the cheapest way to get away" propositions, they did something different.

They made beans.

Thousands of cans of beans.

And they sold them. For ten cents a can.

Zuji understood that people need to save money in order to even consider going on a vacation. You don't start searching without the financial comfort of knowing that you're actually going to be able to afford to go somewhere in the first place.

Zuji wanted to help people save money for their trips. So they created a common item cheaper than the rest and sold it in their stores.

This video has less than 2,500 views but I hope that it catches on (especially in our idea-driven industry). This isn't the first time we've seen a brand create a new product to help their overall perceptions, but it's a great example of thinking different and developing work that can't be missed.

Thanks to Adverblog for the link.


Eric Gall said...

Cool idea. But shame about the typo:

So they created a common item cheaper then the rest and sold it in their stores.

You meant ...THAN the rest...

THAN is about comparison. Bigger than, stronger than, cheaper than...

THen is about time or an "IF" situation, "IF this happens, THEN that will be the result"


Tyler Turnbull said...

Thanks Mr. Gall. Excellent catch.