Link of the Day - 50 Most Influential Bloggers

Found a great article on Digg today about the 50 most influential bloggers. For people who have just got into the blogosphere, it's a great read about who to check out on the Web. Some interesting choices and some definite additions to your RSS feeds.

Check all 50 out here.


Anonymous said...

AdJoke must of came in at 51

Ty said...

It did! (lol)

Scott Lawton (Blogcosm) said...

If you want some help figuring out WHICH to add to your feed reader, check out our version of the list organized into 24 subcategories. Here's a summary:

19 in Computers & Internet
11 in Business & Finance
8 in News & Politics
6 in Society & Culture
4 in Entertainment
2 in Shopping (gadgets)

BTW, lots of good videos here on AdJoke; thanks for posting. (I completely avoid most ads when actually watching TV but do appreciate a select few.)