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Adrants had an interesting post today about a new viral effort going on in Italy. The basic premise of the execution all starts with a short video posted on YouTube:

The narrator (or H725 from the year 2059) claims that in the near future, all references of letters, texts and words will disappear altogether with the emergence of a new technology called Bright.ly

The video uses an interesting method to show us what Bright.ly can do - essentially transform any space into a full motion video and audio message. Why use the written word when you can shape your communications in hi-definition video and remarkable audio.

It seems that this viral is a tease to a yet-to-be-released product. H725 also has a blog that helps to continue the "Save The Text/Word" cause. Highlighting different techniques to ensure that we remember how to use texts (through sign language) and other methods.

Overall, it's hard to evaluate this creative approach on the merits of entertainment (or the campaign objectives). At first glance, it showcases a new technology that is alledgedly revolutionary - potentially a new screen or retail application. The work is strange and convoluted, however the emergence of a blog that continues the dialog (and mystery) will only help to stimulate this viral method.

Hopefully this product pays off the amount of work that has been done from this tease. We will keep you posted when we find out what it is!

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Lorenzo said...

I saw a last video has been published! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paehY4AY2hk