Create NASA's New Slogan

Wired has a great contest going on right now to help NASA come up with their new slogan. The current slogan - "Explore, Discover, Understand" - is going to be replaced over the next couple of weeks. NASA's proposed new slogan?

"NASA explores for answers that power our future"

Could we do better? Probably. Some of my current favorites include:

"NASA: Actually this *IS* rocket science"

"NASA: Tonight, We dine, In SPACE"

and current number one: "NASA: All your space are belong to U.S."

Stay tuned for the winner.


Anonymous said...

Got Space?

Ty said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

NASA: We're on the trailing edge of technology.

Anonymous said...

"NASA: We're going to stick it in Uranus."

Anonymous said...

NASA: This is MySpace.

Pamala j Nielsen said...

E xplore
A nd
R each
T he
H eavens

there's a new slogan for NASA
from Pamala J.Nielsen

Ty said...

This is MySpace is hilarious...

Pamela's was good as well...