Crazy Condom Video From India

"I am good natured and provide satisfaction"?????

I can't remember the last time a condom provided satisfaction. Yes, it helps to get it; but then it dulls sensation, numbs ummmm and well nevermind....

Watch this video and thank god we never had to watch crazy dancing condom videos as kids. Does Bollywood make porn? What is that like?

Found on my first visit to the blog Advertising & Marketing made easy


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great commercial. Taking into cultural difference


PJC said...

I completely agree that is probably very effective eduactaional tool considering the cultural differences. I wouldn't say that it is a quote on quote commercial.

In North America we deifintley take a more formal and serious approach to our youth and sex oriented PSA's.

I just find the production quality and the idea of giant dancing condoms odd.