Target Creates Model-less Fashion Show

No models, no attitude but unfortunately no sexuality.

Why do men watch fashion shows? It is an excuse to look at women. If you want to stop a busy couple as they make there way through Grand Central station they both need a reason to stop. She looks at clothes, he looks at women. I admit most guys will stop to check out the technology but then move on without giving the clothing a second thought.

Great promotion for women, but I don't see the connection for men. Below is a section of the press release.

Target adds a new dimension to fashion with the Target Model-less Fashion Show, transforming Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall into the site of the world's first virtual fashion show. State-of-the-art technology will produce High Definition holograms allowing Target clothes to strut down a virtual runway -- models not included. Audiences can expect a theatrical show in which Target clothes and accessories are the stars and the laws of physics no longer apply.

"Everyone will have a front row seat at the Target Model-less Fashion Show, where the stars of the show are the clothes and the accessories," says Trish Adams, senior vice president, Target. "This is the first time a fashion show will be completely produced with hologram technology, without models, without a runway and easily accessible to all fashion fans."

Powered by hologram innovator Musion Systems Limited, the presentation will employ an illusionary technique that uses Eyeliner(TM) foil to give two dimensional images the illusion of depth. The installations are recorded, played back and projected in true High Definition giving the holograms unprecedented quality and clarity.

The Target Model-less Fashion Show will take place on Tuesday, November 6, and Wednesday, November 7, in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal on E. 42nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.

See full press release here. I will post pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Jobless models out there - Duran Duran still wants you! I had just come out of their concert at the Barrymore and saw this freaky "modelless" show at Grand Central. I was very scared of these holograms - they could malfunction and go on a rampage through Grand Central, and I don't trust the Nat'l Guard will help us because they're not real. Real models should stage a protest.

David said...

I was totally disappointed by the show...I agree, models are everything!

PJC said...

It has received a lot of PR and press but it will be interesting to see if it actually impacts sales or if they can track ROI.

Were there coupons, brochures or a drive to retail component involved? Can they track purchases of featured clothing to the event or were they just looking for awareness and consideration impact?

I think brands are really missing the boat if they do not include measures that will allow them to track ROI directly to a actual promotion. That and if they remove sexy women we all lose.