Mazda Makes Another Horrible Commercial

Maybe it is just me, but making fun of Mazda commercials has become like the tabloids cutting up Britney; too easy.

The shite they produce continues to amaze me month after month. View my last post about a Mazda spot where Japanese ninja porn meets gay strip club techno music. Then to top t all off they hit us with the line of the century..."Fitness comes standard". WTF.

Back to the spot below, Advergirl's post sums it all up:

"An all-black chorus singing in gospel-style ... a song that includes the phrases 'come shine here with me' and 'I'm finally free.' The the zoom out hits as they sing the brand's hallmark 'zoom, zoom' in a closed circle around a car.

Excessive religious references aside, it seems like a particularly offensive cultural lift.

In principle, I agree with the approach. Car buyers have changed. Over 50% of them are women. Growing numbers are Hispanic and African-American. Yeah, we need to get away from the white guy in a convertible zipping around the windiest roads of the Italian countryside with a thrilled woman by his side. But, there's a big, big 'in between' from talking to a niche to lifting an experience."

Mazda & JWT please quit throwing crap at me every time I watch TV.

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Ty said...

Just horrible, love the post. Question though, is that Rob Lowe narrating?

I think it might be...ouch.