Comcast Tweets customers to happines

I recently read a post on Logic & Emotion that discussed how Comcast has began offering customer service.

This is a genius way for companies to leverage Social Media to improve their business. Does it take much to have a couple of your employees in the call center monitor a twitter account while they take calls? I doubt it.

Courier companies - allow users to send the tracking number for instant updates.

Airlines - allow customers to tweet flight numbers for updates (delayed to 12:15, on-time, etc).

Car manufacturers - Road side service?

Movie theatres - movie times. Sold-out shows.

Realtors - post your twitter name to ads, for sale signs to instantly respond to requests.

Nightclubs - provide inquiries into lines, take table service resos.

AA - support over twitter

Children's Help Phone - see above.

Find me on twitter (pcrowe) if you want any thoughts about how you could use twitter with your business.

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