Jerry and Bill...back for another adventure.

Last week, PJC posted the launch spot from Microsoft featuring Bill and Jerry. What looks to be the next installment - a 4:30 minute video posted below - continues to drive the mystery around what PC's new product is going to be. 

We started with the "delicious" tagline and now we've evolved to see the new meaning of "PC" - Perpetually Connected. 

Reviews for this campaign have been extremely mixed. Some reviews like how Bill Gates is being positioned - a likeable, normal guy. Not one of the richest men on the planet. It's a good thought - make Microsoft more human - and one that the campaign will definitely continue to use. 

That being said, this tease seems like it could go on for months and I wonder if people really care. Yes, Bill and Jerry are entertaining (and have a lot of inside jokes with one another) but what happens once this mysterious product is released? Do they travel the globe together to spread the word like the Wii guys? Or does the story end and they part ways, happy that they've become more like "regular people" and that their new product focuses on everybody else - not the ultra-rich crowd? 

However this campaign ends, Micrsoft is making a brand promise - that their products are going to become more human, more easy to use and more friendly for everyday folks. It sounds a lot like Apple's and it's a lot to live into.

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PJC said...

I like. Better than the first.

The power down is priceless.