The Links

Lot's of good stuff this week. Check it out when you're bored at work on a Friday...

- Wal-Mart sponsores a blog that says "Nigger Obama Eats Babies"
- Google creates a comic strip for Chrome's ad blocking functionality 
- W+K links to a UK list of the Top 10 most awarded ads of the last decade (W+K and Honda have two of them, can you guess which ones?)
- What's the difference between a 1.0 Geek and a 2.0 Geek?
- Advertisers tell the industry that they are not keen on the Google-Yahoo merger
- iTunes and Apple announcing a subscription model? 
- 58% of Americans still have no idea what "Social Networking" is. That's OK...neither do 90% of marketers....Bam!
- The book this fall that has me the most excited about it's findings (yes...I am a nerd).
- How many ads have been served on the iPhone? A lot.

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