The Numbers game - My top 8.

A list of the most interesting numbers I have came across lately.

  1. $440 Million is the estimated account losses for Element 79 in 2008. How are they still alive.
  2. 80% is the inventory sold for 2009 Tampa Superbowl.
  3. $3 million is the cost per :30 spot at the game.
  4. 5 Billion is the number of videos viewed on Youtube in July (Yes one month).
  5. 13 cents - the amount gas jumped by the litre yesterday in Toronto.
  6. 21,165 - number of spots Compound W wart remover ran in the US last week making them the 5th largest radio buyer in the country.
  7. 14.6% - the conversion rate of I was amazed to see a website selling jewelery have that high of a conversion rate.
  8. 55% - the percentage of Americans that knew the Sun is a star in a recent survey.
Wanted to do 10 but I need to go get a coffee....

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