Dr. Pepper owes every american 20 oz's

I know it is old news. Apparently the coupons will be available here starting on the 23rd. Good on Dr. Pepper for delivering. Not sure why they would offer it in the first place.

Besides wondering what Dr. Pepper has to do with G'n'R what I want to know is:

  1. How many Americans will visit the site? (total unique visitors)
  2. How many visitors will register and print the coupon?
  3. What is the abandonment rate of the registration form (people hate emails they don't want)
  4. What is the redemption rate?
  5. What is the average basket purchase accompanying the coupon?
  6. Where are the being redeemed? Convenience stores, grocery, gas stations?
  7. What is the increase in Dr. Pepper sales in the following 3 months?
Do you think Dr. Pepper is tracking. The response to this offer could potentially be huge. Ignoring this type of available data would be a missed opportunity in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

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