Surprisingly Good

Paul and I were discussing the latest brand spot from Pfizer (posted below). It's got a huge cinema buy here in Toronto and I was shocked when I first saw this spot (and then learned it was from Pfizer).

What I like about this spot is that it's repositioning the brand to be something more than just a drug company. In the last few years, we've all heard about the tainted drugs, the massive profits that some of these brands have had and the high costs of basic prescription medicine. What this spot does is really say that - in a way - we don't need drugs to be healthy, we can do it own our own.

Obviously there are some shots (cancer patients) that are a bit closer to the product, however I think the track, tone and idea behind this spot put Pfizer in a place well above their competitors.

I don't think that people think about the brands that their drugs come from - they just listen to their doctor and hope that it works. That being said, if I was ever to take a Pfizer-created medication, this spot would make me feel somewhat good about doing so.

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Christian said...

Not only is it a good commercial, but the website that it leads you to is awesome. I mean, visually, it nothing special.

But they do have tons of content that appears to be updated on a regular basis. It looks like they're willing to invest in actually making a destination online that people will visit regularly.

Smart marketing.