Minority Report - It's Here

I've always thought that Minority Report was a cool movie from an advertising sense. The idea that billboards could have eye scans that would access our data and create targeted messages just for us seems crazy - until you realize that many digital sites and online ads (um...Facebook?) are getting close to this.

Still, the real world seems like a safe place. Until you watch this TED talk.

Simply astounding. The idea that you could look someone in the eye on the street and instantly find out their interests, their hobbies and..well..their information is crazy. Sure, I can find out about you after we meet by Google-ing your name but still...I've got to wait a few minutes.

The applications for this technology are endless. If they make it look cooler and a bit less intrusive, it's going to be big. Maybe not in 5 years...but soon enough.