Twitter StreamGraphs: Real Time Visuals

Mashable has a great post today about 6 visualization tools for Twitter. I've been playing with a few of them and Twitter StreamGraphs is one worth testing out. It takes real-time Tweeds against a key word of your choice and gives you a great visual (that's recent...the picture above is from the last 8 hours or so) about how your term is being used - based on the last 1000 Tweeds that have the term in it.

This tool is valuable when it comes to understanding how users are talking about your brand. I used "Skittles" as a test and you can see some of the different associations with it over the last couple of days (for some reason 'kill' is now appearing, most likely because everyone at SXSW is sick of hearing about the social marketing campaign that recently launched).

Test it out against the brand you're working on if you have a minute. I guarantee if you send the visual through to your client they will think you are a novice social media expert.