Common Sense Prevails Again

Media In Canada shared a report with their readers today on what creates the best agency/client working relationship.

The results are shockingly obvious and have me literally laughing at anyone who spent time or money on this. The outcome of the analysis that was based on data from more than 1,400 agency-client relationships and several million individual questions answered through the APRAIS client-agency evaluation system earlier this year is:

"The clients who score highest provide clarity on briefs, approval processes, strategic direction, objectives and direction. Their capabilities are outstanding in terms of experience and professionalism; they exhibit strong knowledge of their business, market and competitors. They value their relationships in terms of trust, respect, cooperation, staff continuity and levels. They are disciplined with timelines, schedules, deadlines and strategic processes. They are supportive of quality in terms of creative output, strategic/media reco's and the best use of agency skills and resources. Finally, they have initiative and are proactive, anticipate needs and consider the needs of others.

Are you as amazed as me. Honestly, if everyone in the business (agency or client) wasn't aware of this they have bigger problems than maintaining a good agency/client relationship.

What a waste of time this report was.

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