AdJoke's Top 10

We're somewhat obsessed with metrics over here at AdJoke and since our launch in August, we wanted to share our top 10 posts (based on the number of unique hits). Some of them funny, others just well timed, it's a good look at why some people read the blog.
AdJoke's Top 10 Posts:

1. Burger King / Indiana Jones Promotion (May)- for a time, we were the top result on Google after this post. Call it a BK TV error (they launched a heavy TV campaign promoting their online promotion but didn't put the URL on the spot).

2. Gilly Hicks Sells Underwear Naked (January) - it's hard to believe, but people who use the internet like to look at naked people. I know...disgusting. I think the male nerds on Digg helped us get Gilly to #2 all-time.

3. HTC to make the first Android phone (Nov) - Google rumours of their entry into the wireless game have been rampant for the last year - including a full article in the last issue of Wired.

4. Surviellance Camera Screensaver (Nov) - nothing like checking out what's going on around you while you watch your computer screen saver. A big hit among our readers.

5. JC Penny likes Teen Sex (June) - one of our more recent hits (due to the controversy surrounding this spot at Cannes). Nothing like a fake spot to get people talking.

6. PS3's Penis Advertising (May) - TBWA does it again with this gem of a print ad.

7. Mr.T in anything is funny (Dec) - Yes, he is always funny, but when the first lady is sitting on his lap, it adds a new dimension on the hilarious scale.

8. NBA - Where Amazing Happens (Oct) - posted right after the NBA launched their 2008 campiagn. Some good, some bad - sort of like the talent in the NBA.

9. Nike Leave Nothing (Oct) - the combination of football season and this gem from Nike and Michael Mann helped get this spot into our top 10.

10. Old School Ads (Nov) - nothing like a little bit of sexism to drive up our number of hits.

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