Interesting Executions New & Old worth sharing

Delta Air Lines has opened the SKY 360 'pop-up' lounge in Manhattan to convince New York premium customers---"those who fly often and often pay top price for tickets"---to choose Delta.

SKY 360 was located in one of the priciest sections of Manhattan, at Sixth and 57th, around the corner from The Pierre hotel. The upscale lounge, decorated with white leather seating and cloud skylights, serves complimentary beverages and snacks to visitors, and offers samples of their new chef-inspired cuisine. Visitors can try the premium priced "lie-flat" seats to be offered on Delta transoceanic flights. The lounge also provides charging stations for iPods and phones, and computer stations for visitors to check email. In the evening, invited guests enjoy cocktails. Oh, and did we mention that you can also make registrations and purchase tickets?

Adidas breaks through with a great execution featuring Oliver Kahn.

Bronze Lion came for "Barge Resistance," part of it's much-awarded work for Nike Canada's "Ready for your :45?" campaign. The ad featured an image of Vancouver Canucks star Markus Naslund on the side of a barge, seemingly pulling on a tug boat as part of his resistance training.