Obama and Photosynth

A about a year and half ago, we blogged about an emergnig Microsoft technology called Photosynth. Photosynth is a system that uses photo's across the web to create 3-D versions of places and spaces (you can check out an amazing demo of the product here).

A recent post to the TED blog reports that CNN has announced that for Tuesday's Presediential Inauguration, the broadcast will use Photosynth to provide viewers around the world with a view that will make them feel like they're actually there:

"We'll take your photos from every angle, combine them with CNN's professional shots, and produce what we hope will be an amazing experience that will be shown live on CNN. And you thought the Jessica Yellin hologram was cool! The synth will also be available for everyone to see on"

I'm excited for this technology to hit the mass media and Microsoft must be thrilled about their software headlining the largest event of 2009. Be sure to check out's "The Moment" microsite on Tuesday night and get a view that you'll never forget.