The links - Pauls edition

Found some great stuff this week:
  1. The US States renamed for countries with a similar GDP. Here.
  2. Twitter saw 752% growth in 2008. Believe it.
  3. iPhone App Shazam wins award for "Best iPhone App". Check it out.
  4. Burger King wants you to Sacrifice friends for a Whopper. Start the slaughter.
  5. This book is now on my must read list. 150 winning campaigns. Look into it.
  6. The 100 best Google Maps mash-ups and tools. Discover their genius here.
  7. Looking for Alternative media. Search it here. Seriously do it.
  8. The worlds tech companies are trying to convince they are greener. Don't believe it.
  9. PC World shares the best products from CES. We have some cool new toys coming our way. Discover the goods.
  10. Wi-Fi on planes is getting very close. Tests underway by Row44.