Coke: Happiness Machine

Definition 6 and Coke are delivery happiness. It reminds me a little of the VW Fun Theory from an experience standpoint, but that is more than OK. That is awesome.

The way that this execution will ignite the conversation around the brand and how it delivers happiness is the way more agencies and all marketers should be thinking. 5 years ago this execution would not have the impact or even be executed the same. To have impact move beyond the walls of the campus and the friends they would have needed to have a PR campaign supporting this, hoping that the video they shot gets shown on the evening news, covered in the dailies the next, shared in the school newspaper, etc. Then they would hope that consumers who viewed the PR would go online and visit or search for the video and find the site to see the full video.

That or they would have had to turn the vidoe into :30 and :60 spots and spent a bucket of money on media to get the world to see what they are doing (delivering happiness).

The social web has made the cost of distribution move to $0 very quickly so brands should be spending their money on creating experiences & content that consumers will see as valuable and distribute on their behalf, not on media.

Currently the video is at 4,700 views on YouTube and it appears has been up for about 16 hours. Lets see where it is in 24 more hours.