Please. Take me back.

Loving this new campaign for LactoFree (a milk product). It would have been so easy to do a boring "Guess what? Now people who are lactose can drink milk again" spot but W+K choose to do (what they normally do) and create a campaign built around an insight and an idea.

People with lactose have typically had a bad experience with a milk product (after all, how do you think you initially figure out your lactose intolerant? You spend the morning feeling awful and then go see a doctor who tells you that it was probably the milk you poured on your favorite cereal).

As a result, they are very reluctant to try milk again - even if it's lactose free. As a result of this fact, W+K uses the "take me back" approach that a boyfriend traditionally uses on his girlfriend who has either kicked him out or dumped him (or both).

The result is some entertaining TV.