Absolut What?

Remember Absolut's amazing print and OOH campaign? You know, the one where the bottle is made up of different shapes and images depending on the region of the ad?

The campaign that lasted for decades but has since been replaced with these horrific "Absolute world" executions?

As marketers switch roles and agencies shift, people (creatives, suits and marketers) get antsy to prove themselves with a new and fresh campaign.

Some brands, like Nike, have been able to move their brand in a new direction with different twists (think about the Leave Nothing spot or any of the latest NBA work). That being said, Nike remains true to it's brand DNA. They understand that straying to far from what has worked in the past can tear down all the work it took to build up their brand.

It's too bad Absolut had to shift gears - especially with a campaign like this one.


Hirst said...

I don't even get this ad. In an absolute world your stomach will be awfully distended like an ehtiopian child?

In an absolute world that kind of thing is normal?

I hate when ads don't read right. I hate it!


Ty said...

I'm with you, Hirst. I was talking about this with someone today?

Is everything supposed to switch around in an absolute world? All stereotypes get tossed flat on their head and (your not going to believe this!) men can get pregnant!

All I know is that when I go to a bar to drink a vodka, as long as I know there is no chance it can get me pregnant, I'll be OK.