London Week - Nike iD. Studio

After doing some shopping this afternoon (don't worry, London's extremely cheap for great stuff...right), I wandered into Nike Town and this is what greeted me.

For those of you who haven't seen it, Nike has an option on their home site to customize your own shoes.

From the design to the colour of the swoosh, you can customize anything you like. Once your design is complete, Nike will build your shoe (for a little premium) and ship them off to you.

When you enter the Flagship UK Nike store, there are three touch screen monitors that allow you to do this shoe customization. After you're done, you can send your shoes to a friend or family member for them to view your creation.

The neat thing is that just inside (couldn't get a pic), there is a huge wall of customized shoes with their creators listed on plaques below.

It's always nice to find a perfect pair of shoes. But it's even better to get a compliment on them and simply respond, "Oh thanks, I made them."


PJC said...

Hey Ty,

If you are interested drop by the Eric Clapton photo echibit in London promoting his new book.

The Getty Images Gallery is located at 46 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX (nearest tube: Oxford Circus). Operating hours are Monday - Friday 10 to 6:30 and Saturday 12 to 6. Admission is free.

Anonymous said...

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