Nokia: The Journey Starts Here

The release of the N900 brings us another product where the brand is asking for their community to get involved and co-create. The difference here is that they acknowledge that not everyone will want to participate in this project so the user experience allows visitors to quickly jump to the exact information, opportunity and depth of brand engagement they are looking for. The options are buy, participate and discover.

The landing page features the 2+ minute video I've embedded below, minimal copy and then the 3 CTA's that launch you into 3 very different experiences.

The video is so good that it could justify it's own post. It will definitely do its job of creating awareness, driving interest and intrigue and getting consumers of all types to the site. It is at this stage that the site takes over.

Perfect site experiences once you leap off the landing But a strong digital experience has been delivered. Well done.

PS - another great example that obviously didn't start with a brief to the "mass team" on a TV spot, but with a brief to team that considered the digital experience and created a campaign.