More Naked Women Promote PETA

If PETA ever wants to get taken seriously they need to send the perverted creative team back to the world of Beer advertising they came from.

Yes I know, I am posting about it, I am looking at it and sharing it so the message is spreading. BUT I am still going to walk home tonight in my leather shoes to eat a Beautiful Black Forest Ham, put cheese on my broccoli and enjoy a glass of milk.

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Anonymous said...

Let's see, PETA draws in around one million unique people to their website a month, whereas you net around 2000 (and those probably from people like me who only come in following terms like PETA). If you could talk a hot celeb into supporting a cause you believe in I'm sure you would. But you don't have that kind of pull, they do. And they built it up doing things like this. More like influencial and deliberate marketing team, eh?