Wednesday - Broadcast Him

Yes. This actually exists.

As the web continues to grow, many of the most popular sites (like YouTube, Facebook and MySpace) will soon make way for specific niche social networks.

In a recent post about Ning, we discussed a number of different niche groups around very specific interests - from Vampires to Cabbage Patch doll enthausists, there seems to be something for everyone out there.

But what for the religious groups? might be one of the answers.

Like YouTube, GodTube showcases a number of user generated videos around religion and God. These videos are huge in range but some can be extremely popular - rivalling some of the major viral videos on YouTube.

Think religion is out of date? Check out the Mac parody below.

More proof that there is something for everyone on the web - no matter what your beliefs are, there is a place for you. If there isn't, just create one.

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