NBA - Where Amazing Happens?

Where amazing happens? Is this really the new tagline for the NBA? Everything in all 3 of the spots happens in pretty much every major sport. They should have tried to capitalize on what makes the NBA unique.

Better luck next season.

See the spots.

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Aaron said...

Hey Sean,
Have you seen my NBA commercial that I put on your site? What about
something like that? The tagline I came up with is 'More than just a
game', which is kind of a play on their old 'I love this game' slogan
that was their most popular of any probably.

It puts a more serious spin on the NBA and, at least I think, makes it
look a bit more beautiful and sacred than most of their adds have done
in the past. Mainly its trying to say that, for some fans, NBA
basketball isn't just a hobby or a recreational activity, its life.
The commercial I shot was done low budget and in about 12 hours, but,
obviously with a lot of money thrown at it and the proper shooting
conditions, it could look amazing.

It may also fall under that category of 'it could be applied to any sport' but, i think its unique in that it pays tribute to the fans as much if not more than it does to the athletes.