Trojan Evolve - Banned Spot

Got sent an interesting spot yesterday from Trojan. Although it's been out for a little while, the spot is worth watching due to the amount of contraversory generated around it.

The spot, and campaign, is about being a real man - not a pig - and using a condom. As you'll see, any man without a condom is...well...a pig. Want to get the ladies? Get a Trojan.

Seems simple, doesn't it?

Many networks, including Fox and CBS, refused to air this spot due to the "men are pigs dramatization" and the pursuit of having multiple partners being OK as long as you're wearing a condom.

And with over 150,000 views on YouTube and hundreds of other comments, the debate over this spot rages on. Some of my favorite comments include:

"Everyone who doesn't admit this ad is evil, is also evil. So most of the posters [people who have commented in a positive way] here are evil because you hate innocent males"

"For all of you who are obviously uneducated, Trojan and Durex are targeting females to increase condom use. Females report using condoms less frequently than males and lack self-efficacy, yes that's a fancy word-look it up, to negotiate condom use with a partner. Try picking up a newspaper every now and then before commenting about subjects you know nothing about. If you're offended about being referred to as a pig, you probably are one."

"Trojan has lost my business, which consists of 6+ condoms/week.This ad is just unacceptable, and can no longer be tolerated."

All and all, some interesting opinions and posts. Check out the spot and feel free to comment.

Thanks to Steve for the link!

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